Добро пожаловать в Brio!

Bся выпечка с нуля прямо здесь!

Свежий кофе и горячий шоколад

Добро пожаловать в Brio!

Утро лучше с маффинов!

Режим работы:

Пн-Сб 8:30 – 22:00
Вс – закрыто

Work Hours:

Mon-Sat 8:30am – 10:00pm
Sun – closed


По общим вопросам просьба звонить по телефону:
For general questions, please call:
+996 (0) 550 83 25 95

Поставщики и других деловых партнеров просьба напишите на адресу:
Suppliers and other business partners, write to:

Електронная почта

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Продажа выпечка в Брио

Не успели испечь печенье за Рождество и Новый Год? Не переживаете, y нас есть упакованные выпечка на вынос в Брио!

Didn’t get around to baking Christmas cookies this year? Don’t worry, we made some extra and packaged them up go!

Brio now offering catered Coffee Breaks!

This November teachers and lecturers from all over Central Asia and China came to Osh for a week of information sharing and workshops to help them work more effectively in the future. It was our pleasure to spoil them with fresh baked pastries and plenty of coffee to help them get the most out of the week.

We’re currently working on putting together a convenient order sheet/price list which will be available on request for anyone planning hiring us for a event. We can currently host events for up to 100 people. Smaller groups (up to 40) can be hosted right here at Brio, for anything bigger we recommend renting another venue.

If you’re planning an event, whether it’s a conference, business meeting, or other get together, give us a call! We look forward to working with you!


мы открылись!

It’s been a month since we first opened our doors and we’ve come a long way since then, but there is still much work to do! But before that, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of those who helped us get this far. To those who sewed our sofas for us, who lent us their workshop to build our tables, those who flew in to give us coffee training, those who came to clean, those who helped us transport a million things around the city, and to those who gave us advice and supported us through our first month, through all our mistakes and triumphs. Thank you!!!